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3. The results list

The list can display the following message fields: subject, sender, status (icon), priority, attachment (icon), note (icon), and date. The messages are grouped by threads (also called conversations) unless Display->Threaded is unchecked.

Columns can be removed by unchecking their name in the popup that appears when right-clicking on the header titles. They can also be moved by sliding their titles right or left with the mouse (while keeping the mouse button pressed). Clicking on a column title also sorts the list by that column (if threading display is enabled, messages belonging to the same thread are still grouped together). The positions and sizes of the columns are saved in the database in the current configuration by the Display->Store settings command.

Table IV.1, “Status icons” lists the icons that can be displayed in the messages list.

Table IV.1. Status icons

New message (unread)
Message read, but not yet processed
Archived message (processed)
The message has been replied to (processed)
The message has been forwarded
The message has been moved to the trash can
The message has been sent
The message will be sent as soon as possible (transient state)
The message is scheduled to be sent later