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2. The Quick selection panel

This panel is laid out as a tree structure. Each leaf is internally associated to a query; when a tree item gets selected, the associated query is run, and a new page is shown with the resulting list of messages. Each leaf is a selector.

The quick selection panel

The numbers inside parentheses represent the estimated number of messages matched by the selector. Bold text indicates that some of them are unread. Within the branch of current messages, when there are two numbers separated by a < (left than) sign, the one at the left is a count of current messages, and the one at the right is a count of unread messages. For example, in the screenshot, the branch Current messages->Tagged->qt-interest has 39 current messages, including 28 unread.

The built-in branches are:


Contrary to folders in traditional mail programs, selectors aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. In particular, new messages are also current, and the All selector will obviously include the results of the more specialized Prioritized, or Not tagged selectors.