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1. Template

The template is the text of the message, plus variable names enclosed in two-brackets pairs, as in {{variable_name}}. A mailing may have one template only, in plain text or html format, or two templates, one of each format. They can be submitted:

Brackets, ampersand and angle brackets are not allowed in variable names in templates.

If the format chosen for the message is HTML with alternate plain text while only an HTML template is supplied, the text version will be generated by the program. In this case, it is advised to carefully check this generated text version in the mail preview (accessible at the end of the mailing setup). In particular, hyperlinks with a text and target URL come out with only the text. To avoid that, the only way currently is to supply a custom plain text template in a separate file.

The subject for the mailing may also contain variables, enclosed between two brackets like in the template.

The merge process will not replace variables whose names are not found in the data file.