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Chapter XIV. Mailbox import

Several mailboxes formats exist. Manitou-Mail supports the mboxo and mboxrd formats. The mailbox file is submitted by the user interface, as an alternative to doing it with the --import-mbox option of manitou-mdx, the server-side program. The mailbox import happens in three distinct steps:

The user interface may be closed during the third step. The progress of the operation can still be followed anytime in the "Mail Import" window.

Several simultaneous imports can be launched within the user interface. manitou-mdx will enqueue them automatically and process them on a first-in first-out basis. When the status of an import is finished, it may be purged from the history of imports with the "Purge" button. An import may also be stopped before completion. The messages that have been successfully imported before the stop will be not deleted or modified in any way. Only the messages not yet imported will be left. Stopping does not purge the data that was not yet imported, and a stopped import can still be restarted. To get rid of an import and reclaim the size it occupies in the database, the "Purge" command has to be used.