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Chapter V. Configurations

A configuration at the user interface level is a set of settings grouped inside the database under a common name. The settings are related to the display and user preferences in general.

The contents of a configuration are written both by the Display->Store settings command and the preferences dialog. When manitou is launched without the --config parameter specifying what configuration to use, it chooses its configuration name by combining the hostname and the operating system name of the machine it runs on (for example: myhost-linux).

In order to use the same configuration on different workstations, or for several users to share the same workstation but with different configurations , the --config option has to be used. Under MS-Windows, the operating system name is windows, no matter the version and flavour.

The configuration's name can only be chosen at application launch. To operate under a different configuration, the user must restart the program. Note that it does not affect user identities (the From fields of messages being composed): any identity can be selected when composing a message, independantly of the current configuration.