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Version 1.5.0

User interface


Version 1.4.0

User interface


Version 1.3.0

User interface


Version 1.2.0

User interface


Version 1.1.0

User interface


Version 1.0.2

User interface


Version 1.0.1

User interface


Version 1.0.0


Improved and converted from html to docbook format.

User interface


Version 0.9.12

Version 0.9.11

The user interface now uses webkit as its display engine. HTML contents are now fully displayed with inline images and optional access to external contents.

Filter hits are logged in the database, and displayed per message in the UI.

Filters can now apply to outgoing mail and redirect mails to other addresses. A few new filtering functions has also been added.

Version 0.9.10

The main mail database tables have been unified so that referential integrity constraints are now enabled.

The user interface is now translated in spanish and german.

The user interface has been fully ported to Qt4 and no longer requires the Qt3support library.

Version 0.9.9

Disk usage is now reduced by sharing identical attachments across the whole database, both for incoming and outgoing email, based on their SHA1 fingerprint.

A new script, manitou-mgr, has been added to run batch actions on the database: full-text reindexing, and hashing and merging attachments imported with previous versions.

The user interface now allows easier switch to a temporary identity when composing a message, and deleting messages has been made faster.

Version 0.9.8

The user interface has been ported to Qt4.

Attachments handling has been improved, along with various minor bugfixes.

A GPL'ed Windows version of the user interface is now available, with precompiled binaries.

Debian packages for Linux are now available.

Version 0.9.7

This release offers a revamped full text search engine, a new online help system using Qt assistant, modularized Perl code for the mail-database exchanger, along with a number of small bugfixes and enhancements.

Also, the user interface now compiles on Solaris and BSD-based systems.

Version 0.9.6

This release adds a dozen bugfixes, a French translation for the user interface, a bayesian auto-classifier plugin, an automated FTP uploader for large attachments (converts attachments into URLs), the ability to run Perl plugins on outgoing mail, and various usability enhancements.